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~* Better than 5 stars *~ Dan has helped me find two fantastic apartments over the last couple of years.

Now that I've moved out of the area and have had to work with other realtors I have realized how blessed I was to have Dan. He really takes the time to get to know what you are looking for.

Apartment living

So how'd we get together?

Which one were ya? Buyer Could ya reach me when ya needed me? 5 Did I call ya back? 5 Would you tell your mamma about me? 5 Did I learn ya anything about Real Estate? 5 Were your goals met? 5 Did I get the job done? 5 Was my hat on straight? 5 Will ya call me again? 5 Tell me how I did ya wrong. Or did I do ya right? It was a relief to work with you.


So how'd we get together?

Which one were ya? Seller Lakehills, TX 78063 Could ya reach me when ya needed me? 5 Did I call ya back? 4 Would you tell your mamma about me? 5 Did I learn ya anything about Real Estate? 4 Were your goals met? 5 Did I get the job done? 5 Was my hat on straight? 5 Will ya call me again? 5 Tell me how I did ya wrong. Or did I do ya right? You did us right, even though your primary focus was you were the real estate agent for the buyer. However, your goal seemed to be to keep us both informed and moving forward. You told us what needed to get done when the surveyor(inspector) came out and did his report. You worked with us in getting the survey finally completed which was monumental. You kept bugging the people till a letter got written ascertaining we had plenty of drinkable pottable water. You got the last of the furniture hauled off by someone. You even agreed to take down the lockbox and our sign which was cemented into the ground. The only lack of communication from you was with the Apple Pest Control. Perhaps you did not know that the Booths called them out. But it would have helped if we had known, and known who to refer them back to. We were really ticked off at Apple because we got no phone calls, no report except a "no problem" verbal report, and then they show up again.After they did their inspection we were entitled to get bids from any other pest control company. And they just don't show up to start spraying without prior authorization and amount approved. We thought our negotiations included $3300 toward closing costs and $550 toward service contract. Somehow we kind of missed we were also paying $794.85 for a title policy also. We missed that. Should have paid better attention. Overall you did a superb job and I would highly recommend you. We had d over the years done a lot of updates and repairs including all the decks, the poured cement driveway, c upboards , floors,parking pad in rear had to be bulldozed out. The Booths must be ecstatic that you got them into an updated nice lakehouse for $420.00 per month. Great job Dan!!We were both blessed to have you as their realtor!!

For sale by owner, superb job, highly recommend

Dan Beary handled the sale of our home.

We couldn't be more pleased. Dan was beyond courteous and prompt in his responses to our questions and concerns. He radiates professionalism while putting his clients at ease with his personable approach. He sold our home the first day on the market at a great price. We highly recommend Dan Beary for all your real estate needs. He will work hard for you!

LakeHills Tx Home Seller

"Dan is the best.

We originally worked with Dan to buy the property that we eventually built our house on and ultimately sold after construction. When it came time to sale our house Dan was our first call. Great communication, honest and timely. Dan offers a calm demeanor through the typical stressful process of selling a house or property. I will continue to recommend Dan to all my friends and family."

Center Point Tx buyer/seller

Just wanted to give you an update on the house hunt and say "thanks" once again.

We signed the lease agreement today. Phew! We are so glad the hunt was exactly one afternoon long and are glad to have met you. Our goal is to save up this year for a down payment, so I do hope to call you in the future when we're looking to buy. Your presence was calm and relaxed (unlike some others in your field) and I won't hesitate to recommend you. Thank you! San Antonio Texas


"Dan Is the best realtor we have dealt with.

His attention to detail, willingness to get answers to all questions, and at drop of a hat look at property was greatly appreciated. Dan is a veteran and so are we. His knowledge of military benefits/loans was also very helpful. We recommend Dan as a realtor who goes above and beyond for his clients."

Veteran Home buyer

Very pleased with Dan!

My husband and I had specific location and home specs and he didn't show us fluff. He was available within hours, sometimes as soon as one hour to show a property. Closed within five weeks, he bought us a thoughtful gift and met us for lunch after closing. I think we have a new friend in Dan and won't hesitate to recommend him or use him again!

5 Stars for sure

I really felt it was serendipity that you responded that first Saturday and came out and spent the whole day with us in October.

You made us feel so comfortable and like we had all the time in the world that day... then I got a little crazy about finding a house now! but you let me have my quirks and let me work it all out, in the end it went from a writers cabin at the lake... to a dream home! something that I never would have allowed myself to buy because i was always taught to save save save! But you know life is too short and what do we work for anyway right? Dan, Thanks so much for always going the extra mile I remember you and Joe jumping over that creek and looking out in all thank God you always had boots on! Your knowledge of that area we could not have asked for more... Your connections to people made it go a lot smoother and quicker than I would have ever expected. You were always available by text or phone and daily! My God that was incredible....you work everyday even Sunday! Your politeness always was a plus you don't find that anymore and believe me that goes along way! I will always keep you in mind If we ever sell or hear of someone who needs your assistance I would highly recommend you! Take care!

Linda and Joe

Dan was really great to work with, always positive and honest with his opinions when we asked.

We lived out of town from where we were buying and he'd help us scope out lots to see if they were worth our time.


Thank you so much for all your hard work!

You've made this a great experience for us!!

Lisa and Aldran

My husband and I live out of state and we wanted to look at properties that we had picked out while on a short vacation to Texas.

We had one day to devote to looking at land, and Dan was able to do the research and set up the schedule of events for the day prior to us visiting. Dan is very professional, hard working, and really takes the time to listen to what his clients wants and needs are. He found a piece of land that fit our wants and needs and walked us through all of the steps and made sure we were informed about what it would take to get the land "build ready" so that we were making an informed decision. I would recommend Dan Beary to any of my family or friends!

Land Buyer

So how'd we get together?

Which one were ya? Buyer Could ya reach me when ya needed me? 5 Did I call ya back? 5 Would you tell your mamma about me? 5 Did I learn ya anything about Real Estate? 5 Were your goals met? 5 Did I get the job done? 5 Was my hat on straight? 5 Will ya call me again? 5 Tell me how I did ya wrong. Or did I do ya right? Dan you are so amazing I literally have no words. Except I obviously do since I'm writing this here review. Would recommend you to anyone. San Antonio Texas


"Very impressed with Dan Beary’s Professional Service!

He went out of his way to work with me. In a short time he had my property listed and sold. I highly recommend Dan."

Property Seller

We wanted to thank you for creating a great experience for us.

Searching for a house is an intimidating adventure, but you made it so much fun. We've heard horror stories about searching for a home especially being 1st time home buyers. You made it painless and enjoyable. We will always remember our 1st home and thanks to you, its a beautiful place for us to begin our next adventure.

1st Time home buyer

Renter satisfied "Going above and beyond with time spent looking.

Always provided listings per given requirements. Found the property leased by being creative and going way outside the box and contacting an owner of a home that had been for sale almost 400 days and pitched them on a lease and put the deal together VERY quickly without overlooking any details. EXCELLENT follow through and initiative. Genuinely cares about his clients. Wonderful experience all across the board....." - Mico, Texas

Renter Satisfied

Thank you for your help and patience in selling my property.

My husband would have been so happy and relieved.

Land Seller

Dan was awesome!

! He responded right away any time we had questions and was able to show homes when we needed him to. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking for an honest realtor who is going to get things done.


Dan went above and beyond what you would expect from a realtor.

He helped me sell my home, which was in foreclosure, and helped me buy a new home for my kids and I. He is honest and forthright and very patient. Explained each step of the way, in a manner that I understood. He listened to what we needed as a family, and didn’t steer us wrong. I would most certainly recommend Dan. You can count on him to work hard for you

Seller that was in trouble

"He'll make you smile every time he answers the phone!

Dan went above and beyond to help us buy and sell our properties. We lived out of the city from where we were buying so he was exceptionally helpful with scouting out new houses for us. I would highly recommend Dan." Helotes, TX

Helotes Buyer

"I rarely write reviews but I was compelled to do so for Dan after our amazing experience with him.

Dan sold our 10 acre property in 2 months during the winter! He went above and beyond with amazing advertising and his local connections to get it sold. I was impressed with his active listening to our needs and his ability to get what we felt was reasonable. He was a strong advocate throughout the whole process - fantastic response to emails and text. I would HIGHLY recommend Dan for any of your real estate needs! Sincerely -

Land Seller

Dan was fantastic!

My husband and I were in a time crunch to find a home before he was deployed and Dan went to great lengths to make sure we had not just any house, but the one we loved. He responded to our calls/texts in a timely manner and answered every question we had. If he didn't know the answer he would go and find it for us. He was excellent. We are so grateful that he was our realtor and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a house! Thank you, Dan!

Home buyer

"I was selling a piece of property which was unusual in several ways, and I was extremely selective in looking for an agent who would represent it appropriately.

I felt I struck gold when I found Dan’s profile, and this was immediately confirmed in our first interaction. He showed instant curiosity in the property, and met with us on short notice. He was extremely personable and we felt comfortable with him right away. He was very knowledgeable of the market, asked the right questions, and answered ours in ways that we respected. When I researched his real estate training, I found it was extensive. He gave us what turned out to be very useful advice on pricing, and proceeded to do an extremely thorough and professional job of photographing the property. In short, Dan’s service before, during and after the sale, was first rate in all ways. The buyer, an agent himself, was also extremely satisfied with the interactions, asking how I met Dan, as he found him very communicative and professional. The entire process was comfortable, and this was largely attributable to Dan’s real estate experience and interpersonal skills."

Property Seller

Dan was exactly the person we needed to help us find a home.

He listened to what we wanted and gave us exactly what we were looking for. The process was extremely easy and all home shopping should be the easy. This is the 3rd home we have purchased and above all this was the best experience we had.

Home buyer

"Overall Dan was a very good experience.

As a 1st time home owner I knew nothing about homes but he was patient enough to explain to me the ins and outs of buying a home. He's very prompt on returning phone calls as well. If I were to do it all over again I would pick him again without hesitation. I would definitely recommend him to a friend."

1st time Home Buyer

Dear Mr.

Beary, At this time I would like to thank you very much for the help you provided in finding a new home for me. Its persons like you that make that task easier. Your drive and devotion to your clients have a lot to say about how Real Estate Agents treat perspective home buyers. I hope your company, Re-Max, realizes the asset they have working for them. Thank you very much and wish you the best in the Realty business, it an never ending job.. With Respect

Home buyer

"We first met Dan Beary after my cousin described him as the real estate agent who helped her and her husband find a property that had everything they wanted and nothing they didn’t.

I immediately asked for his contact information and Dan has since done the same thing for us. Dan is a very knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic realtor. He has a broad and deep knowledge of central Texas real estate. He is a great listener and a great advisor when asked his opinion. Dan made the process of finding, negotiating, and purchasing a property much more comfortable and less stressful than that process is expected to be. This was especially important for us since we lived a long distance from the Texas Hill Country where we were looking. Dan was very patient with all our questions and diligent about getting clear and accurate answers to those questions. As a person, Dan is honest, straightforward, kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. Dan went above and beyond in helping us find the right property for us. We are very grateful and highly recommend him. "





"We loved working with Dan!

When it came to looking for a house, he always kept the "must haves" on our list in mind, it's like he knew exactly what we were looking for. Being 1st time home buyers, it was nice to have someone with his knowledge and skills to help us navigate the current crazy housing market. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a home. It is an excellent realtor!"

Home buyer

Dan was extremely professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire experience of purchasing my first home.

He took the time to really listen to what I was looking for and things I didn’t necessarily want, and he used those to fine tune the listings he showed me. He spent the time to make sure I was happy and was honest and helpful when it came to making my final decision.

Another Realtors Son

"I highly recommend Dan for any real estate properties you want to sell or buy.

He is honest and will work hard for his clients to get the job done. He was always available and willing to offer professional advice if we had any questions and kept the lines of communication open with each offer. He made the process of selling our land so painless and efficient. Thank you Dan!"

Mico Buyer

Good Afternoon, wanted to wish you a good day!

(spent the night reading other peoples bad experiences when moving) just so you know, we are immensely grateful for you, definitely counting our blessings.

Feeling Blessed

Dan is by far the best realtor you could ask for.

I have worked with many realtors in the past and none have come close to the the professionalism and knowledge that Dan displays. Dan never lets you down and will work for you round the clock. If your looking for a realtor just go with Dan. You won't regret it.

First time home buyer

So how'd we get together?

Which one were ya? Buyer Could ya reach me when ya needed me? 5 Did I call ya back? 5 Would you tell your mamma about me? 5 Did I learn ya anything about Real Estate? 5 Were your goals met? 5 Did I get the job done? 5 Was my hat on straight? 5 Will ya call me again? 5 Tell me how I did ya wrong. Or did I do ya right? Dan, You did us so right. We could not have picked a more qualified realtor you did an awesome job in finding us a home. We could not have done this journey without you.

Home Buyer

"Dan was literally a God-sent!

As new, out-of-state home buyers, we could not have asked for a better Realtor. From the beginning to the end Dan was available for any and every question we had. He is very knowledgeable in his field and so much more! He was indispensable to us! On top of that, he is such a personality that it was just a pleasure to work with him. Not once did we feel pushed into making decisions. In fact, we always felt secure in that he had our best interest in mind every step of the way! We absolutely give him the highest recommendation!"

new, out-of-state home buyers

"Great experience- Dan always responded to any question that we had in a timely manner.

Great negotiation skills. Listened to our needs and shared his knowledge of current market trends."


Dan, you were exceptional.

Still in awe of your willingness to get in your truck and head out to Bandera to meet us at literally a moment’s notice. Will recommend you to anyone I know who is interested in moving to your area and I’ll bet you’ll get a referral or two from Nancy too. Texas checked off a lot of the boxes for me…people, food, culture, weather, socio-political leanings, fierce TX pride. Your state is a great place to live, work and play. Best to you and your family in all things."


Honest, hard working, experianced, educated, and reliable are just some of the adjectives I would use to describe Dan Beary.

He did such an incredible job in helping my wife and I sell our home in San Antonio. Dan went above and beyond his normal responsibilities to assist in making sure we were able to sell our house. Previously we listed the house with a different realtor who did not show a lot of enthusiasm in order to sell the house. In fact, the house was on the market with for over 110 days and not one offer. Needless to say my wife and I decided to change realtors. We were disappointed, concerned and stressed, and were being flooded with calls from other realtors to relist our home. I remembered meeting Dan while taking a few college courses, knew he was a 20+ year veteran of the US Air Force, and was impressed by his great work ethic. We contacted Dan. He reassured us, and made some honest suggestions to change before re-listing the house. We listened to Dan, made the adjustments, and relisted the house with Dan Beary. Dan worked diligently to prepare the house for the listing. Almost immediately after relisting, we had multiple offers. Through out the entire process he worked very hard, kept us informed, and always had our best interests in mind. We, without a doubt would do business with Dan Beary again, and certainly will always be the only realtor to recommend in the South Texas area. We are certainly grateful for all of his hard work and diligence. Dan Beary works hard to get the deal done!

Home Seller

Awesome "Seller satisfied— 5 star Dan is awesome, absolutely the best real estate agent we have ever encountered.

He wasn't our first agent but he will be our last! He goes above and beyond for his clients, he's outstanding." - San Antonio Texas

Seller Satisfied

best in town!

"5 star Dan is the best in town! Sold my house in a week! He is a veteran's best friend! " - San Antonio Texas

Home Seller

If you choose to work with Dan Beary when buying or selling a home, you won't regret it.

Dan works hard for his clients and devotes himself to helping them navigate the real estate process whether it is finding your dream home or selling your current home. He'll go above and beyond to meet your needs. San Antonio Texas


This great guy has been a wonderful help in our search for a house!


"I strongly recommend my colleague, Dan Beary, for your real estate needs.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside him and he can be entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. When I have worked together with him, he has the utmost in professional skills as well as interpersonal style. He is consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. He truly always has his client’s best interest in mind. Helotes Texas

Sincerely Jeff

"We have been using Dan for about 5 years.

We started this journey looking to one day move to San Antonio, he is great at communicating and learned what we wanted out of a home for our 5 children. We will never forget the generosity Dan showed us, and the patience he had to deal with us. I wish we could have him as a realtor on the next leg of our journey back across the country."

Home buyer/seller

Dan was very sharp and professional.

We felt comfortable with him in our corner. He was there for the walk through and helped us understand everything. oh was able to ask questions and he always responded to all my questions


Two months living in our new home and we still can’t stop ranting and raving about how much we loved Dan!

My husband and I didn’t have a realtor but were interested in a home so we emailed and Dan responded right away. We’re forever grateful it was him because we all hit it off really well and Dan didn’t push us in the house because he knew it wasn’t for us. Dan must have showed us a good 10-15 houses and they were all over the place but he never once seemed bothered or upset. In fact, with every house he offered experienced feedback as to what to look at in the house or think about. Being first time home buyers and planning on starting a family in the house we chose, Dan thought about everything for us and provided answers to any questions we had. He was always a call or text away no matter what we needed. About a month or two into the process we found our dream floor plan and location in a new subdivision. Dan continued to help us with our sales guy and we got exactly what we wanted and needed. Through the building process Dan visited our house making sure everything was as it should be and sent us pictures of things maybe we should question or just to share his excitement for how it was coming along. Dan attended every meeting we had along the way and once we neared the end of our process Dan walked the house with us to look for any thing that still needed to be fixed. Let’s just say in a process like that, you want Dan! He’s not afraid to speak up when he knows it should be better because he wants the best for his clients. It still makes me laugh to think how straightforward he is but it’s all for the best and in our situation, being new to the process, it was what we needed. We are extremely happy with the service Dan provided and in love with our new home. We have found our realtor for years to come and made a great friend. We recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a realtor who wants the best for their clients. Thank you again Dan for all you did for us!

New Home Buyer in San Antonio

My husband and I recently purchased a beautiful lot on Medina Lake and had a great experience working with Dan.

He is very knowledgeable of the Bandera area and helped us find a wonderful place to build our future home. In addition to helping us in our land search, he was also a wealth of knowledge about the community and was able to answer many questions that we had, as we were new to the area. Once we settled on the land and made an offer, our negotiation process and closing all went very smoothly thanks to Dan. Our experience working with Dan was great and we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in the area.

Land Buyer Medina Lake Texas

Dan Beary is the best frickin realtor!

Not only did he spend a few late nights looking at houses with us, he was also available at all times to answer every question we had and helped us through the entire process of buying our first home. Now even after the sale is final and we are all moved in he is still going above and beyond what we ever imagined. Tonight he came over and look at 3 different minor concerns we had and made us feel completely confident that it will be taken care of. Most definitely not his job but he did it. He is an outstanding realtor and we have been beyond blessed to have had him to help us. Thank you Dan and Darla for everything, y'all are amazing!

Satisfied Customer

This veteran knows how to take care of a fellow veteran.

Dan was fantastic, he worked on our behalf to make sure everything went smoothly through the whole home buying process. I would highly recommend Dan for anyone thinking of buying a home. Gerald and Pam Kerrville Texas


If you are looking for someone that really has your interest in mind Dan is the Buyers agent you want.

From start to finish he served us well. I highly recommend Dan for any of your real estate needs.

Home Buyer

You can't ask for a better real estate professional!

In our case we were purchasing property in the Texas hill country to build on. We quickly learned that Dan's expertise is hill country land. In addition to assisting us in finding the perfect piece of property, Dan was also a valuable resource with all the other items ( location, topography, building site, access, utilities, etc.. ) to consider when purchasing this type of land. If you are looking for a realtor that is honest, knowledgeable, patient, personable, accessible and easy to do business with - Dan is your guy!

Land Buyer

Dan did a great job researching the properties I sent to review.

He planned out the viewing of 10 properties. He was quick to answer my questions and was present during closing to ensure nothing was missed by the title company. 2 Thumbs Up!


Satisfied Customer "5 star This veteran knows how to go above and beyond for customers.

" - Del Rio Texas

Home Buyer

Daniel Beary was very helpful and nice on the phone every time I talked to him.

I was sure it was me just wishing I could own a home, but he helped every step of the way until one was found and the deal was done. I was/am so impressed with the genuineness of Daniel that I tell everyone about him. Wish I could buy more homes from him. Lol

Single Woman home buyer

I highly recommend Dan Beary.

He was a pleasure to work with. He listened to our needs and catered to every detail. He answered every question, and never left us feeling we were alone in this stressful endeavor. We had a difficult situation moving a loved one from out of state and Dan made the process a smooth one with his experience, knowledge, patience and humor. Our family has used him before and will surely use him again.


*** 5 Stars*** I cannot say enough good about Dan.

He handled the sale of my elderly parents’ home while I was half way across the country. He maintained the property, took care of everything, and even checked in on my parents. I didn’t have to worry about anything. I trust him completely. This is how business should be done! Thanks so much!!

Seller of my Parents Home

Dan did an amazing job of making us feel comfortable as nervous, first time home buyers!

He listened to us and answered all of our many questions while looking at several homes and throughout the home buying process. He is calm and very knowledgeable about his field. I would definitely recommend!!

New Home Buyer in San Antonio

Best rural realtor.

Skilled in diplomacy Could ya reach me when ya needed me? 5 Did I call ya back? 5 Would you tell your mamma about me? 5 Did I learn ya anything about Real Estate? 5 Were your goals met? 5 Did I get the job done? 5 Was my hat on straight? 5 Will ya call me again? 5 Tell me how I did ya wrong. Or did I do ya right? Best rural realtor. Skilled in diplomacy with difficult "for sale by owner" sellers.

Best rural realtor.Skilled in diplomacy

"Daniel was very great to work with!

He treated us like a person and not just a potential sale. He was also super helpful with closing and made sure it was on time. Definitely recommend!"


"What a guy!

Highly recommended! Top notch agent, he sold me the house and then he sold it for me. If you need a realtor, Dan is hands down the best in San Antonio."

Home Seller

Dan - you were a joy to work with, making the sale of my house seem simple!

You took the time (and had the patience!) to guide me through the sale so effortlessly! And you have made the purchase of our new home totally without stress! We can't thank you enough for all your hard work, your attention to every detail, and your total knowledge of the whole process has been amazing! Looking forward to closing on our new home very quickly!

Home Seller

I met Dan Beary, last year (2015) at a property that was less than desirable for most but was within my budget.

The beginning of my home search. I have 2 fur babies so something suitable for them was a very big concern for me. This was when my education began; Dan Beary was very patient and informative about my direction once he asked me questions to see what his work entailed. Always patient; I was sent updates about properties that came on the market with in my range. Dan was always available it seems, always helpful and always positive. We had a small break from the real estate world as I was going to attempt to purchase the home I was renting. It didn't work out. I contacted Dan immediately and he picked up where we left off, like there was no break in the real estate search. It was very frustrating at times but again Dan was very positive and encouraging. Ultimately all the hard work paid off and I have a new home for me and my dogs. Thanks to Dan Beary and Re-max. I would highly recommend Daniel Beary and Re-max for your real estate needs!!

Fur Baby Mom

"Whether you are buying or selling, Dan should definitely be your "go to" guy.

My husband and I were looking for a winter home in Texas. Since we live in Michigan, Dan did a ton of leg work to provide us measurements, extra pictures and an honest opinion of the property before we took a look at it. He negotiated a great price for us and the entire transaction was super smooth. We just sold the house as our plans changed and called Dan to handle the sale. Again, we couldn't be more pleased. He is so personable yet professional. We got a great price for our house and had another smooth closing. Dan is prompt with his responses to any questions or concerns and is very knowledgeable of the area, market trends and comparable homes. We highly recommend Dan for any of your real estate needs."

out of state buyer

"Dan is a work beast and he takes his business seriously.

He always kept in touch and responded in reasonable times, given the fact that he has many other clients. He is personable, down-to-earth, easy to work with. Highly recommend him."


Dan Beary did a great job in helping us find a house.


Thanks Dan for the excellent service.

This process was seamless!!


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